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Lemonade is a Creative Agency and Production House helping corporate professionals thrive in their work.


Unlike the market standard, we lead from brand strategy to creative and production, without any middleman. This ensures that every corporate project will be on-brand, on time, and on budget—ensuring that business ideas happen, and people get noticed.

Since 2005, we have beenworking for executives and people in big corporations who know how crucial it is to convey an idea effectively.


Whether it's excelling in a presentation for the sales team, structuring ideation workshops, or impressing the CEO with sizzle reels, we've got you covered.


Lemonade integrates brand-building capabilities and production intelligence, creating visually enticing pieces tailored to meet all business objectives.


Through a foundation of brand strategy, we ensure your projects not only look good but also make you look even better!


Our Journey


social media hits the world

Lemonade has launched a dedicated branch focused on producing high-quality advertising videos for social media platforms 


need for creation and new contents

As new clients brought new demands, Lemonade expanded its capabilities beyond video production, delving into the creation and design of multimedia content.


was born

Lemonade was founded with
a mission to deliver high-quality advertising videos and film content tailored specifically for the corporate world


expand to US

To meet the demands of clients with global operations and brand alignment needs, Lemonade has opened a branch in the US, expanding its footprint in video and film production acrros US.


integrates Brand Strategy and more capabilities

In order to seamlessly align projects with clients' brand identities on both creative and strategic fronts, Lemonade has enhanced its service offerings to encompass brand strategy alongside creative and production services, providing a comprehensive solution for all clients under one roof.

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